A collection of images from Ontario based Wildlife Photographer, Bill McDonald

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I started TEKFX two years ago, just after I retired from half a lifetime in the industrial sector ... a career that was both fulfilling and interesting, but for many, many years my passion was always photography. Back in the early 70's, when i still lived in the UK, I tried my hand at wildlife photography, but to be honest and even though I was very interested in Nature, I found it more difficult than it looked and eventually drifted away from it. When digital became available I was instantly hooked and eight years ago I re-found that interest and it soon developed into a full blown passion. I now, almost exclusively, take images of birds and occasionally animals, insects, other critters and sometimes landscapes

  Over the last few years I have, with some help from other birders and photographers, developed (pardon the pun) a technique (a technique that is ongoing) that allows me to capture images that I could only dream of forty years ago. I don't consider myself an expert in the field, but as I continue to get older, and spend more time in the field, I find that my successful images are getting easier to obtain. Don't get me wrong it's not easy .... I spend thousands of hours each year "chasing" wildlife in search of  the half dozen or so images that I would consider to be "keepers".

 I am based in Kitchener, in south west Ontario, Canada and spend most days travelling relatively local in search of subjects to photograph. Several times a year I head further afield ... northern Ontario, locations in the USA and other spots
A link to a  wildlife & photography blog that I have been compiling for the last five years
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Bill McDonald
Winter shooting
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